3 quick and easy breakfast bites

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3 quick and easy breakfast bites

Don’t have much time in the morning and can’t bear getting up any earlier for breakfast before work? Spend more time in bed and feel full with these three simple breakfast bites that take no more than 10 minutes to make. Healthy, nourishing and filling, the perfect way to start off your day.
Rolled oats with cinnamon apples
Rolled Oats
Fresh milk/Soy milk
Vanilla essence
Cinnamon powder
Honeycrisp Apples
Ratio out amount of oats to liquid of choice (1 : 2). Put on heat, stirring occasionally for 5 minutes or until plump and thick. I tend to leave the apples unpeeled but do so to your liking. Chop apples into small, cube pieces or wedge slices. Cook apples in a small skillet under low heat, adding little amount of water if needed. Add in a dash of cinnamon powder and vanilla essence into the mix and let simmer until apples are soft and slightly mushy. Serve ready oats topped with cinnamon apples in a bowl. Drizzle honey to add natural sweetness and enjoy a quick, fuss-free, filling meal.
Egg & avocado toast
1 ripe avocado
Whole grain bread
It is as simple as it seems. Toast 2 pieces of bread, be it wheat or whole grain or plain. Cut open an avocado and extract flesh from skin with a spoon into a bowl, smashing into a thick chunky paste with the back of a fork. Add garlic powder/salt & pepper to season. Fry the egg and season with salt and pepper. Place egg onto the bed of fluffy nutritious avocado mixture that sits on toast and get your daily nutrients into our system
Greek yogurt, muesli and fruit parfait
Greek yogurt
Muesli ( preferred )
Greek yogurt has a much thicker and richer consistency compared to normal fresh yogurt. Pair the yogurt with muesli and fresh fruits of any kind. Stack each component into a cup alternatingly. Sweeten to your liking with natural or organic honey.

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