Photo Series : A Mother’s Love

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Photo Series : A Mother’s Love

This photo series was conducted in celebration of a mother's love.
Every wrinkle, every crease and every scar tells a story and is a reflection of their love for their family.

Sean Ho - A mother's love for her child is incomparable to anything else in the world. As young as I could remember, my mother has always been there for me. She has impacted me so much, in terms of life lessons, financial advice, and even business ideas. My mother has always been a businesswoman. All through high school, she taught me the in and outs of the operation of a business, and that's the best gift I could ever ask for; she has always been my ‘right-hand man’.

I owe most of my success to her. Not to sugar coat, but to me, growing up in a family with a single parent has been great. I hated pity from my friends and family. I'm never the type that relies on someone, and my family of three has been the greatest blessing. Despite the trials and turbulence, never had I wished for my dad to come back. In fact, I would be a totally different person if my dad was around (in a bad way).

If I could describe my mother in three words, it would be strong, focused driven and patient.

Ivan Cheah - I would never have undertood the concept of unconditional love if it wasn’t for my mother. Growing up rebellious and hyper, strands of hair started to fall from my mother's head as she received calls from my discipline and tuition teacher who gave up on tutoring me as I was labelled "incapable of studying"; and being told by my class teacher that she failed as a mother as my unruly attitude was uncontrollable, worsened the situation. Despite the hurtful words and accusations, she never gave up on me, quitting her full-time job just to sit me down, educate and teach me basic mannerisms.

Reflecting on the picture of my mother's hands causes heart-rending emotions to surface as I never appreciated her hard work, sacrifice, love and care she had and will continue to have for me. Thinking back, she was the only person I felt comfortable laying with; I would fall asleep in her arms as my worries would fade away. The greatest gift that I can never repay is having my mother in my life.

Thanks for everything mi, I love you.

Karrishma Thayaparan - Strength and agility is something I never fail to see in my mom. She has been holding my family together even before I was born. Everytime I look at her, I feel as though there’s nothing in this world that can ever bring her down. The simplest things that has become her daily routine for years now has shaped me into who I am today. From cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner from scratch, to cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and merely just keeping a roof over my head and providing me with more than sufficient love and care.

Through my trials and tribulations, she has always stayed close by my side, supporting and helping me overcome my obstacles and problems. In my darkest times, I often ask myself of how my mother still manages to wake up daily, with the drive to continue life. My question to that may never be answered. Though, as her life continues to reflect immense tenacity and perseverance, I will continue to push on.

Those hands have been through so much and I will forever be in debt.

Gabrielle Tin - There wasn’t a specific moment in time where my mother showed extra love and care for me, but rather showed the same consistent amount of love everyday, always reminding me of her role as my mother and as a guardian that will always protect and support me.

My mother is my role model. I truly stand by the saying that goes “mother knows best” as my mum does know best, always providing me with her wise and sage advices. Her love has taught me how to love; not just myself but others. She lives her life with humility and sincerity, and is kind-hearted to the people around her and even those whom she comes across for only once in life. Because of her love for me, my definition of love today has grown to a deeper extend, showing compassion and care to the people around me as well.

A love that is patient and one that is forgiving. My mother is someone that would give up everything just for her children and for this, I am truly thankful for who she is in my life.

Samantha Ang - My mom is a typical, as the Chinese would say, ‘tiger mom’. It has been routined for her to scold me or one of my siblings at least once a day. She nags about the littlest things and expects us to get good grades; complains about my room being messy when it actually isn’t, about not keeping the laundry or spending too much time on social media.

Despite the relentless scolding and strict teaching, my mom often expresses her humorous trait by telling the lamest jokes and deems herself amusing. She can also be a bit of a typical ‘aunty’. Just as she wants to publish a post on Facebook, her laziness takes over, so she makes me do it for her despite being so clearly capable of doing it herself, and then immediately demanding I hit “like” right after. Putting all of that aside, I love my mom. My mom is the best mom I could ever ask for. She’s not perfect, but no one is. All she ever wants is to make sure her family is well taken care of and does whatever she can to ensure that (even the nagging).

My mom didn’t choose the mom life, but the mom life chose her, and she’s killing it!

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