A thrilling series : Perfume / Parfum

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A thrilling series : Perfume / Parfum

Perfume / Parfum (German)

I was never a big fan of watching tv series due to my lack of patience for the next episode to air. Though, this German thriller series I stumbled upon whilst on the site has become one of my favourites as it carries a unique tone and storyline. The series is based on the same Patrick Süskind novel "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, which led to the 2006 film of the same title. The series first aired on German television in November 2018 and is available on Netflix today.

Parfum revolves around a central topic, which is the longing of love and to be desired. Displayed throughout are the feelings of being loved and needed, unwanted, isolated and loathed. Parfum creates a narrative that shows possible outcomes, may an individual’s self control is overruled by longing and wants.

The series shows an investigation surrounding a murder of a gorgeous singer, the lioness of a group of 5 other individuals. Execution of the murder was unusual and disturbing as body regions with the most scent glands are extracted out to create a pheromone perfume. The first killing led to three other killings throughout the first season. Social status and its importance is exemplified as characters go to great limits as to create a facade, hiding their true nature. The harsh reality of life, of earning an income and fitting in is displayed in the show.

The profiler, Nadja Simon fights her way through the investigation trying to prove herself to her sexist colleagues and to solve the murder. However things get messy as she deals with her ongoing affair with her boss, which complicates her emotions hence causing her to make wrong decisions. Landscapes and editing techniques were a feast to the eyes; the use of warmer tones to show scenes of the past and colder tones for the present.

Parfum is not entertainment for the faint-hearted as rawness of scenes and explicit details makes the show unique yet disturbing at times. It may be too gory for some. Love suspense? Give it a go.

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