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Clay that saves

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Breaking out despite owning a great cleanser?

That’s probably due to the accumulated gunk and dirt still stuck in your pores. Using just your cleanser won’t do the job.

There are tons of stigmas around clay masks, how they strip your skin of moisture and natural oils, causing the skin to plunge into a state of skin horrors. Truth is, with the right clay, and with adequate amount used, clay masks can aid you in your journey to bright, smooth and buoyant skin.

Upon trying various types of clay masks, I have found an absolute favourite that has truly changed the quality and texture of my skin, raising the bar higher than ever for any other clay mask on the market.
Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay
by Origins has been my skin’s anchor for the past few months. The luxurious yet affordable mask helps calm potential breakouts and manages skin irritation. The mask works efficiently, renewing my skin by thoroughly cleansing and feeding my skin of nutrients needed for that healthy glow.

With its key ingredients being Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willow Herb and exfoliating Jojoba beads, the mask kills two birds with one stone. Acting as an exfoliator, jojoba beads help get rid of dead skin cells lying on the surface of the skin and deep cleaning my pores of fine dust and excess oil sebums.

As the name goes, the pink clay revolutionized my skin regime and quality. Along with its affordable price and availability, I highly recommend you give it a try. Purchase it at a Origins store or Sephora near you.

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