Dairy free desserts

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Dairy free desserts

For all those who struggle with the digestion of dairy products, my lactose intolerant buddies, sulk no more. Unable to digest yummy creamy dairy goodness like many others, I've struggled with the cravings for sweet treats, gave in and had to deal with many accounts of painful and uncomfortable consequences. Upon word of mouth and coincidental discovery, these two dairy free dessert spots have now been my go-to when it comes to satisfying the sweet tooth.



Adding a twist to the typical bubble tea which is a combination of milk tea and tapioca pearls, Soylab Malaysia is most known for their Pearl Soymilk drink, a combination of black or white soybean milk with warm brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls. The drink is perfect for any health junkie or any lactose intolerant like myself. Soylab manufactures a wide range of soy centred desserts such as soy shaved ice, soy souffle pancakes and most importantly, pearl soymilk, soymilk with pearls!
Soylab stays true to their nature of using only NON- GMO (non genetically modified) beans which allows both the company and its customers to have assurance of the ingredients used and consumed. The company also bands artificial flavouring from its products and is preservatives free, serving up freshly cooked desserts and drinks daily. Their signature drinks, Been Looking For Her & Been Looking For Him, are white and black soybean milk with pearls and brown sugar syrup. Customers are also given the option for their drink to be topped with homemade cheese creme brulee. My favourite is a regular sized Been looking for Him, with extra pearls and quarter the amount of sugar. My taste buds prefer the black bean soymilk over the regular white beans as the slightly more profound flavour and richness of the black beans pair well with the pearls.



Kind Kones

Yay for vegan ice cream! Kind Kones is a dessert parlour that uses no animal by-products, no preservatives, no fake flavouring and no refined sweeteners to create amazing sweets and delicacies. Kind Kones believes in manufacturing their well known health friendly, vegan ice cream using the most natural and fresh ingredients for the widest possible appeal – whether that is for vegetarians, vegans, the lactose-intolerant, or those who are just health conscious.The parlour makes the ice cream in small batches and are kept on sale for no longer than a week, ensuring its freshness for its customers.
Before being introduced to the brand, I had no choice but to eat dairy-filled ice cream knowing that I’d have to endure the consequences or suppress my cravings with larger volumes of unhealthy food. To say vegan ice cream has changed my life would be an over exaggeration. Though, it has made changes to my food consumption habits and diet as I now have little to absolutely no dairy products in my diet. The elimination of dairy products from my diet has helped with skin and facial problems, decreasing the likelihood of acne breakouts.
Amongst the vast range of mouth watering flavours, Salted Chocolate Chip has been my go-to ice cream flavour when the ice cream cravings strike. If you're fond of textured chocolate ice cream, I highly recommend you try this flavour out.
If you're lactose intolerant or just want to put healthier and unprocessed desserts into your system, give these favourites a try.

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