Fat Acceptance Movement : For or Against?

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Fat Acceptance Movement : For or Against?

Being fat is celebrated in this day and age thanks to the social justice movement called
" The Fat Acceptance Movement "
From the acceptance of the LGBTQ community, to embracing the minority groups of a community. Many reform movements have brought immense change and transformation to the society. Breaking beauty stereotypes caused the appreciation and admiration of dark skin, curly hair & body scars and marks. One such movement that has been the talk of the town is the Body Positivity Movement, more specifically, the Fat Acceptance Movement. Instead of being a health concern, people are accepting and living their lives with no worry of the problems that excessive weight may bring.

The movement was first created with the intention to stop people from idolizing and striving to attain model-like physiques in order to feel beautiful and to encourage women to love themselves the way they are. Fat people are discriminated and labeled as lazy, ugly, an outcast, undeserving and just not good enough. But this movement changed the narrative. The biggest change being the language used in regards to fat people, from being “fat” to “thick”, which connotes a woman that is filled-in in the right places on the body such as the thighs, the hips, the breasts and the backside which creates an over exaggerated hourglass physique.

According to Bradley University, fat acceptance advocates work towards goals which promote size diversity, which is proven from the mere fact that human bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Part of this acceptance is the preferred use of the term “fat”. Activists hope that this word can be de-stigmatized and embraced in our culture and propose that the concept of an “ideal” body size or weight be abandoned entirely.
Though, truly, what is it promoting?
Being fat is not a problem but excessive fat in the body is unhealthy and can cause many health problems that may lead to disabilities, mental problems, health deterioration and even death. Over time, it seems as if the initial message has been reconstructed and redistributed, causing a cascade of unhealthy food diets, selfish lifestyles and final breaths for many. The movement has now been understood, as if aiming to normalize obesity. Many take advantage of the movement, creating this idea of self denial, continuing with an irresponsible lifestyle, then lashing out at those who offer care and help.
Though many associate fat with unhealthy eating, hormones, genetics, stress, social anxiety & mental illnesses most definitely play a role. It is most certain that bullying and fat shaming a person is unacceptable. Though, food intake and regulation should be monitored and altered best suited to the body in order to prevent further illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.
While your own body is your business, actively supporting unhealthy lifestyle choices whilst encouraging the admiration of bodies that may be close to death isn’t promoting body positivity but rather allowing people to stay in their comfort zones. This ultimately does more harm than good.


So then, are you for the movement?

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