Korean herbal skincare: Pyungkang Yul

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Korean herbal skincare: Pyungkang Yul

The weeks leading into the month of March was a whirlwind of emotions. Despite the lack of rest, my imbalanced hormones and a terrible diet, my skin managed to stay calm, leaving me with little to no skin breakouts. Due to the weather change, my skin suffered the lack of hydration which resulted in dry patches all throughout. This problem was tackled by the wonderful, all natural herbal line, Pyungkang Yul. PyungKang Yul is a skincare line developed by Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea, which specializes in hanbang, or traditional and herbal korean medicine.

Their aim is to create products using the most gentle and natural ingredients for even the most sensitive skin. Pyungkang Yul skincare is centred around two Korean medicinal roots which are the Coptis Japonica Root (Hwangryun), used for normal to oilier skin types and the Astragalus membranaceus Root (Hwanggi) which is used to promote blood circulation for those with drier skin types. Products by the brand are free from scents, textural enhancers, alcohol, fillers and is also waterless, containing not a single drop of water which results in a viscous consistency. This allows the chosen medicinal root to work optimally without irritation caused by a redundantly long list of ingredients.

The products of Pyungkang Yul have helped me tackle the problem of excessive sebum secretion and rejuvenated my skin’s moisture barrier, decreasing the susceptibility of flaky skin, ensuring a smooth canvas for my makeup. My favourites are the Moisture Ampoule, Moisture Serum and the Moisture Cream.

Amongst the three, the Moisture Cream takes the top spot as it is an extremely hydrating cream that seals all my facial oils and ampoules into my skin, locking moisture in when used in the last step of my skincare routine. The cream does leave a greasy feeling on my skin, but just enough to provide a “glass skin” look which I am all for.


Used alongside the Moisture Ampoule and Moisture Serum, my complexion has improved tremendously as my scars from past acne breakouts are starting to fade and my skin looks more plump and hydrated. With such a short list of ingredients which exclude the unnecessary, I experience less breakouts and skin problems.
The brand is generous and affordable as the amount of product per bottle is double in volume and sold with a reasonable price point, in comparison to many other brands that sell products in little volumes with a hefty price tag, that offer little to no help for the skin.
However, I absolutely dislike the Essence Toner. I’ve given it many tries, even finishing up the whole bottle, yet I can’t seem to fall head over heels with it like many do. The formula of the product works terribly when used with other products from the line and even outside of the line. When layered, it forms clumps instead of seeping into my skin. It coagulates when paired with my primer and essences which is frustrating. Hence, I’ve stopped purchasing the product.
Nevertheless, I look forward to testing out more products from the line.
If you suffer from terrible breakouts, deep facial scarring, high pigmentation and hormonal acne, Pyungkang Yul might not be for you if immediate change is desired. Due to its gentle ingredients, its effects to the skin take time and requires consistent use, unlike overnight miracle products that are available on the market. The ingredients in the products may not be enough for skin types and skin troubles that require a more stronger element to aid the skin.

If you’re looking for new skincare brands to try, check out Pyungkang Yul.

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