Shed that CNY weight

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Shed that CNY weight

The time of the year is amongst us yet again. Red envelopes filled with money, firecrackers popping away and reunions upon reunions, coming together with family and friends to welcome the prosperous Chinese New Year. Amongst all that, traditional dishes of different ethnicity are served, CheongSam or QiPao ( 旗袍 ) is worn and not to forget the famous Chinese Prosperity Toss known as YeeShang or Lo Hei (捞起). Surely, the snacks offered by Gugu (姑姑) & GuZhang (姑丈), Jiujiu (舅舅) & Ayi (阿姨) and especially Popo (婆婆), cannot be refused. Pineapple Tarts, Chinese New Year cakes (Nian Gao 年糕 ), honey glazed pork jerky ( Rou Gan 肉干) and free flow of soda and alcohol.
Consumed way more than you should have and feel guilty? It’s alright and normal to feel guilty. In fact women, in particular, are prone to feeling guilty, according to a 2009 research, study by Etxebarria, published in the Spanish Journal of Psychology. Though, this eating habit cannot go on.

Turn that guilt into motivation.

Save your money from the red envelopes, HongBaoQian ( 红包钱 ), instead of wasting it on new clothes. Look fit & fresh for the new year with a new body by shedding that weight gained throughout the holiday.

First of,

Drop the Junk
If you’re still snacking on any snacks mentioned above or any unhealthy, fried, processed tid-bits, STOP.
Put down that can of beer and chug water instead. Flush out all the oily, artery blocking toxins. It's time to keep away the excuses and be strict with yourself as you are the master of your own body.

Start eating clean
Kick start your weight loss journey by eating clean, unprocessed, real food. Opt for lean protein, meat with low fat content, such as skinless chicken breast, turkey meat and pork chop with minimal fat. Pair your protein with good-for-you carbs and fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Use less oil, less seasoning and control your portion. With that, do not stuff yourself to the brim, eat just enough to provide energy for next few hours.

Make it a lifestyle
Exercise regularly. Diets and fasts may show only temporary results and are only effective with exercise. With work taking up most of my time in the week, I make use of my living room floor instead of hitting the gym.
Dig out that dusty work out mat from the storeroom and follow Blogilates' every move to get you shredded back into shape or check out Dana Landgren for some extremely effective exercises that require little to no equipment.

If time just doesn’t allow, try intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Personally, intermittent fasting works great if it becomes part of your routine.
My eating plan for a day starts with a moderately filling breakfast, a heavy lunch and a light dinner. An example would be: cereal and soymilk to start, sandwich with greens/fruit on the side to pull through the day, and soup with vegetables with a little piece of dark chocolate to finish. My period of consumption starts at 11am and stops at 7pm. Though, adjust the timing accordingly to your liking.
Curb your midday/midnight hunger and food cravings with healthier food options such as dried apples, banana with almond butter, pistachio nuts or edamame.

Be consistent.
With getting back into shape, consistency is key. A little cheat day once in awhile is fine, but be sure to stay focused and find your motivation, be it new workout clothes or finding a workout buddy.

Slowly but surely, you got this.

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